Family Foundation Fund

FFF Logo (1)The Family Foundation Fund is a non-profit organization based out of Nashville Tennessee. We were referred to the managing directors by a mutual friend of ours and the organization. They made us aware that they were in dyer need of a newer aesthetically more appealing website. The one that they had was out dated by at least a decade or more. The foundation at the time was in the middle of planning their largest fundraising event that would involve a few very high profile individuals so they needed something built that could handle the influx of site traffic that was expected as well as something that looked professional. Their request were not out of the ordinary, however with only three weeks remaining until the event time was of the essence. Oh…and did we mention that everything needed to be completed over the Christmas break! With some help from some very organized individuals with in The Family Foundation Fund we were able to complete their re-design project just in-time for the fundraising event. It is always a pleasure to serve our clients. The task that clients give us are not always easy but the satisfaction of completing a project at their discretion is why we do what we do!

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Client: Family Foundation Fund
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