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D1G_7534The Durango Songwriters Event held in Ventura California features the music industries top songwriters and pairs them with music supervisors from all over the world. The event is a chance for the songwriters to meet the people in charge of potentially placing their music on film and television shows. Ventura is just far enough outside of Los Angeles that you don’t have to deal with the big city congestion while there but large enough to have a great time while you are there. The administration of the event asked us to make the trip out to the event in order to document all that goes on there. Durango has been around for quite some time, now their events are starting to draw record numbers. Shooting an event outside of sporting events is always fun because you can get away from the large lighting setups and relieve yourself of the stress of tight deadlines for a day or two. Hanging out n sunny southern California for a weekend isn’t half bad either!